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Increase the sensitivity and decrease the weight of your ice weapon! 3D Printed ABS handle designs are exclusive to DH Custom Rods & Tackle and let me tell you! The transfer of energy is unmatched! designed by Dustin Hafner himself, this totally new concept is unique, functional, and can be color matched. (We recommend using a small strip of double sided tape on the reel foot to help secure the handle when wrapping it with our Pro Wrap reel tape.


NOTE* If Ordering .920 Bits you WILL NEED TO ASSEMBLE the handle when building the rod. Ask for advice on techniques. You will need to specify Length of Carbon wanted, and color of the .920 Bits (Fore and butt that sleeve into the carbon).

ABS Handle Upgrade

  • We recommend using a small strip of 2 sided tape on the back of your reel foot to help keep the reel in place while securing it with DH Pro Wrap!

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