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Hi, I am Dustin Hafner, President and founder of DH Custom Rods.


DH began life as a hobby business and future exit strategy from the corporate grind. One day, I was out ice fishing with my friends, and found myself admiring the high end custom rods they were using. i had used a few noodle type rods throughout the years, but never really cared for them so I decided to make my own. Next scene: Solid glass blank tube, Drill, Sand, Sand, Sand. the outcome would be our flagship Ice Rod. The Al Dente noodle.

al den·te  äl ˈdentā,al/

adjective & adverb

adjective: al dente; adverb: al dente

  • (of food, typically pasta) cooked so as to be still firm when bitten. (Soft Yet Firm.)
Currently we have a wide variety of hard water, and open water rods to suit your performance based needs. From our DH High Modulus "Feather" (2.8oz) open water killer, to our second generation T-12 Trolling rods. DH takes pride in delivering you a hand made product that WILL put more fish in the boat!
Thank you for the support, and Tight Lines!! DH

Jeff Frick — CUSTOM is the operative word here. If you want gear that is worth your $$, shop @ DH!


Cory Strahota — Just got my pantom rod! such high quality, and you can just tell how much pride is put into them!


Brian Christensen — 5 Great products done with extreme detail. There's other products out that are similar but if you hold them side by side they don't compare.


Jason Baier — You will catch more fish using DH rods, and you will have a great time doing it because you are using a top shelf fishing rod.


John Pearson — Great products at fair prices. The staff was friendly and they have a great selection to choose from. I will be going back for sure!

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