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DH "Big Boy Noodle" is the BIG brother to the “Al Dente” noodle. The Big Boy is like NO OTHER Ice Rod on the market. Called a Hybrid since we designed it over the side of the boat in our full 48" length.  Since DH hand designs his blanks and extensively tests before production we are truly excited to bring his latest creation to you. Imagine a Noodle rod with the ability to use 1/4 to 3/4oz jigs, and Rippin Raps, Jigging Raps, Deep Water Jigging, Vertical Jigging, Jig and Minnow... etc.  There is no other noodle on the market, that will do what this rod will. Laker's, Walleye, Pike, Sturgeon, Open water jigging..Small jigging raps to large this rod WILL handle it all. ***This is for the Big Boy 48" Hybrid BLANK ONLY!

Big Boy Noodle Blank 48" Full Length

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