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Tired of the sticky mess of electrical tape? tired of destroying your High end custom cork handle EVERY time you re-wrap it? removing tape can destroy the cork and actually remove parts of the handle. DH Pro Wrap reel tape is the best solution for attaching a reel to your handle. Slim, Tacky and one roll will do approximately 12-15 combos.

*INSTRUCTIONS For install; find the end, tear or cut off two 6" to 8" pieces of Pro Wrap. holding one side of the reel foot, wrap the other until the Pro Wrap has wrapped around once and attached to itself. At this point pull the Pro wrap as tight as you can without ripping it. wrap all the way to the end of the piece. To finish it cleanly, pull through your thumb and forefinger as you press it down. It will basically melt into itself and should finish cleanly. Sold in 15' rolls and a variety of colors.

DH Pro Wrap

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